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Skin Nutrition: Dermo-nutrition

This is an area that I am very passionate about! I truly believe for beautiful healthy skin you have to use good quality skin care products, with a high potency, stable active ingredients, AND! consume good quality food, with high, clean energy.

Dermo-nutrition is a modern science highlighting the link between food and our skin’s appearance or “beauty”. While nutritional deficiencies can be easily seen on the face, improving our eating habits can change this with equally visible results.

Now I haven’t always been very good with my eating (and I still have my bad days!) as you can see from these pictures below. The first photo is of me from 2006, this is the ONLY photo I have of myself at this size, as i didn’t enjoy having my photo taken ( this is from a family photo, my mum made me take haha)

I weighed a hefty 99.9Kg, which is quite a lot for my 163cm frame.

The second photo is the most recent photo of me at a friends wedding, weighing 75Kg, (still a little while to go) but as you can see from the picture a lot more happy and healthy :)

Eating for the health of my skin and my body, is a journey that I have been on for the last 7-8 years, which was around the time I began my beauty therapy training and started to learn in more detail about the cells that make up our body and skin. I began to really appreciate that old saying “you are what you eat”. Literally our entire body is made from the food we choose to consume. Every 28 days roughly) our skin cells turn over, so if your skin and nails are looking dull and lackluster, you have the food you ate 28 days before to thank for their appearance.

I now ask myself almost every time I choose to eat something;

  “will this food nourish & better my body”

If the answer is no, I think to myself, what is the benefit in eating this. Sometimes this is enough to not eat the food, or other times if I’m craving a piece of chocolate cake, l will eat it, but it is ALWAYS a conscious choice.

Eating trends change over the years – and with it, the impact on health, skin and beauty.

About 10-15 years ago we had a “Fat free” epidemic. I know from personal experience how effective this type of marketing is for weight loss. The word on the street was, fat is the enemy. If you wanted to be thin, eating any type of fats (even the good sources) was a NO NO! I will explain in more detail in my Omega 3 & 6 blog, how very important consuming healthy fats daily are for our skin and bodies. I always know the clients who have very fat restricted diets, it’s literally written all over the skin. I will explain the signs to look for.

Because eating healthy good food is very important to me, I am writing a chain of blogs based around the six most important vitamins and minerals for skin beauty and health, and because they are so amazing! they deserve their own individual blog!



-Vitamin A


-Omega 3 & 6


This science really shines a light on our eating habits, and does render us to ask the question. “Will this food nourish & better my body”