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I am Divine is a ritual based natural bath and body range. It was created to remind you that while you're caught up in your busy life, being a mum, daughter, sister, father, son, brother, worker or business owner, whatever obligations you identify with, that YOU are a Divine being that deserves to have energy invested back into you, and the best way is through self love.

Self love can look like taking 20 minutes at the end of a busy day/week to give yourself a salt bath, lighting your favourite candle while your cooking tea, and giving yourself 3 minutes to massage a nice body oil into your skin after a shower before bed, because you need and deserve to feel love from yourself to thrive and be happy and healthy.

This is such an important lesson I learned the hard way after opening Divine Skin and Beauty, (I don't know when it became ok to under nourish ourselves, work ourselves to the bone and then wear our exhaustion around like a badge of honour). Over the last two years I have dedicated a lot of time to nourishing myself, mind body and spirt, and in researching so many different types of ways to nourish the spirt, ritual kept coming up time and time again, playing a huge part in recharging your spirt so you can be the best most positive version of yourself. Water and bathing rituals have been around since the beginning of human civilisation so naturally this was a great place to start. I dedicated daily opportunities to show myself love and kindness, and made it a necessary part of my day, just like brushing my teeth and I've never felt better. I discovered that while learning about the different ritual based modalities like salts, muds and essential oils to name a few and how they can improve your health and well being, I started looking into the products available, and their ingredients and the effects they have on the mind, body and soul. Not overly happy with the options available to me formed the catalyst that created, 'I am Divine'.

I have developed a natural high grade soy candle range, made with the highest quality fragrances, crystals and herbs to bathe your home in radiant self love. A bath salt made with three types of salts, essential oils and clays for nourishing your mind body and soul. I am also looking to add a few more items to the collection down the track, but further research and formulations need to be tweaked, so watch this space.

I opened Divine Skin and Beauty to help give to as many people as I can. I Am Divine is an extension of that loving energy I give to you at each visit, something you can physically take home with you and a way you can give love to yourself.


RR Large Candle $35.00

Small Candles $25.00